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// vocals

Debbie Schilling is known to most as “Little Debbie”, the small-framed girl with a big voice.  She has a musical history singing with choirs, folk groups, and classic rock bands for several years.  Her love for music has included devoting many hours singing and raising funds for non-profit organizations to supply food and necessities to the less fortunate. After retiring in 2018,  she relocated from Massachusetts to Arizona and continued her music career as lead singer for the Wysdomb Band.  Debbie enjoys singing all kinds of music and loves a challenge.

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// drums

Randy plays the drums and various percussion instruments. He started playing the drums at an early age while growing up on the East Coast. 

He traveled professionally throughout the East and South for a period of seven years. He has continued playing in bands throughout his life and considers playing music the one thing that keeps him young. He has played all styles of music but enjoys Classic Rock and Rhythm & Blues the most.

Mike Rutigliano



// keyboards

Mike has played with several bands including Sticky Toys and Dago Red. Sticky Toys played publicly in the Tempe, Scottsdale AZ circuit.

Mike's keyboard arsenal includes a Korg SV1, Roland DS1, Yamaha CS1x, Yamaha MODX, Korg PA3x, Korg X3R, and my favorite, a Hammond L102 (same model organ Keith Emerson used to throw knives into during his shows).  

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// guitar

Mike Fryslie grew up in the Midwest and played in bands throughout all areas of the Midwest from the late 70's to the early 90's. He was influenced by Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Black Sabbath and Motown groups. His gear includes: Gibson, Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, Schecter guitars, and Marshall and H&K amps.  

Lee Goldblatt


// bass

Lee is from Chicago and started to play guitar at the age of 14.    He quickly joined a high school Rock Band called the “Dogs, who played original hard rock and covers.  He played in numerous bands in Chicago and played guitar like a bass when no bass player was available.  One of his bands as a young adult named “Farwell Pier” landed a big gig at the University of Illinois, and there was no available bass player.  Lee borrowed a bass the day of the performance and pulled it off.   There was no going back to guitar at that point. 

Lee learned and performed with many accomplished musicians such as Jack Bruce (his mentor), Roger Daltry, Jeff Beck, Slash, Joe Walsh, Vince Neal, Glenn Hughes, Elliot Easton, and most recently, Joe Perry and Lou Gramm.  Lee is thankful to find four very talented, very experienced musicians who let him be who he is, play music all over the valley, and get along together immensely.

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